Serena Isioma Shines On New Single “Blue Sky”

Chicago musician Serena Isioma shines on stunning new single “Blue Sky”.

The 20 year-old well-travelled Chicago-based musician is a first generation Nigerian-American currently making waves with her eclectic music which effortlessly combine indie, hip-hop and modern lo-fi pop elements well. Her latest offering “Blue Sky” is a stunning record about using hypersexuality to cope with the loss of freedom. Isioma’s alluring vocals float beautifully over the captivating production creating an experimental indie-R&B vibe with replay value, which instantly places her amongst many other talented emerging artists with a bright future.

“I wrote this song in the beginning of 2020. Even with the joy of gaining new attention from my singles, I wasn’t really having the best time. So, I thought it would be a good idea to involve myself in several romantic relationships to distract myself from reality”Serena Isioma.

Stream “Blue Sky” below:

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