BLÜ EYES Returns With New Single “Blessing”

LA-based singer, songwriter and producer BLÜ EYES returns with new single “Blessing”.

BLÜ EYES has been making her mark within the industry with various DJ collaborations which has helped her amass millions of streams across all platforms. This year she has not only progressed as an artist, the Los Angeles singer has also been self-producing her music since she released “Some Days”. Her new single “Blessing” is a slow burner that develops into a cinematic pop track with an infectiously catchy chorus built over a captivating production she co-produced with Casey Kolb. Lyrically, the song reflects on a co-dependent, manipulative relationship, and acknowledges its important role in shaping her as a person. BLÜ EYES once again delivers a stunning vocal performance sang with so much emotion that will instantly resonate with most listeners.

“‘Blessing’ was one of those songs that just happened as an extension of a candid conversation. My good friend Casey and I were ‘working’ at his house one evening in January – coming up with chord ideas while getting distracted playing with his animals, eating dinner, hanging out, etc – and somehow we wound up talking about each of our awful relationship experiences. I told him all about my very first relationship, which, without getting into too many details, was a complete mess. I jotted down a few things that came to mind as we talked, and before I knew it I had a whole set of lyrics staring me in the face. We worked on the production steadily over the next 6 months, taking the time to make each section as perfect as it possibly could be, and we are both so incredibly proud of the end result”BLÜ EYES.

Stream “Blessing” below:

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Photo Credit: Bryan Vorkapich

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