Jony Shelby — motions

Austin, Texas-based R&B artist Jony Shelby unveils new single “motions”

Originally from Baton Rouge, rising R&B artist Jony Shelby was always fascinated by music since a young age, from playing instruments in his late father’s church to being a drum major in his high school band. However, it’s only been recently within the past 3 years that he has artfully captivated with his creations.

His latest offering “motions” is encapsulation of his process towards recovery post-pandemic, as an artist and a person in general. Built over a lush production, Shelby’s vocals (which reminds us a little of Frank Ocean and Khalid), effortlessly flows as he delivers sticky melodies and lyrics that will resonate with listeners.

“The period was a rough one for many but rather devastating for myself, as I went through a series of major life changes due to it and often found myself subject to a state of stagnation / repetition as a result. Through the journey of this deceivingly upbeat song, I explore what these impediments really mean for me and the attempts I can make to finally recover from the holds that binds me.” — Jony Shelby.

Stream “motions” below:

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