HEN$HAW Voices His Frustrations On Melancholic New Single “PAPER PLANES”

Despite his young age, London-based rapper HEN$HAW has already expanded his lyrical content and substance ever since he released his debut single a year ago on SoundCloud. On his latest single “PAPER PLANES”, the fourth release taken from his upcoming mixtape LONDON IS BURNING, he voices his frustrations about his City and surroundings over an impressive production by friend and longtime producer goodbyechase.

“The real message behind the song is aimed at the youth of today, specifically in London, I wanted to draw them in and engage them as I drop knowledge. We live in a society where we are governed by greed, and I want to let people know that we can fight the system. On first listen it might sounds like a generic drill flow and delivery, but if you really engage and listen you can hear the message loud and clear. Just listen to the words and it’ll become clear that this isn’t a song, it’s a statement” — HEN$HAW.

“PAPER PLANES” is an intriguing song that infuses the melancholic vibes of emo rap and the rap flow of UK drill, a unique style by an exciting up and coming artist out of London.

Listen to “PAPER PLANES” below:

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