Emotional Oranges x Unusual Demont — Cardigan

Avant Garden label mates Emotional Oranges and Unusual Demont connect on stellar new single “Cardigan”

LA-based R&B duo Emotional Oranges have linked up with Avant Garden label mate Unusual Demont on their stunning new single “Cardigan”. The song seamlessly blends indie with R&B, demonstrating why both artists have amassed millions of streams and international recognition. Both acts also continue their superb form by dropping a track that not only has widespread appeal, but also a thoroughly enjoyable track laced with earworm melodies that will instantly stick in your head.

 “Demont sent us the initial demo idea before we went on tour in the US Fall 2021. It was equal parts cheeky and complex and pushed us to match his energy. We got inspired to drop it as a way to celebrate going back on tour together (in Australia and Asia) over the next few months!”Emotional Oranges.

“I made the first version of ‘Cardigan’ while on a plane from Wisconsin to LA, one of the first times I ever left home. I was actually wearing a cardigan when I wrote it, and I remember just wanting to make a really catchy hook that would be fun to sing with friends at a party or scream at a concert. I was sitting on the original version that was just my verse and hook for a really long time and one day I played it for EO and they loved it. We had been wanting to make a track together for a while because we’d been on the road so much.  We already felt such a good cross-over stylistically it just made so much sense. So when they told me they wanted to make this together I was really excited. V and A fit on it so well and brought that element to it that I felt was missing solo. I’m so glad to be able to put this out / perform this with them, and I hope you love it as much as I do!”Unusual Demont.

Stream “Cardigan” below:

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