DeathbyRomy — No Mercy

Dark pop artist DeathbyRomy returns with new single “No Mercy”

Now fully independent, dark-pop provocateur DeathbyRomy has made a stunning return with her much anticipated new single “No Mercy”, accompanied by a Tarantino-esque music video directed by Romy herself alongside Rake and Gnarlos which will be released next week August 12th.

“The pattern of entropy trauma can create, causing us to fall in love with that trauma.”DeathbyRomy.

Romy once again showcases her stunning vocals, effortlessly going from sweet and gentle pop-sounding to almost like metal-like voice. She’s truly one of the most gifted emerging artists on the planet, and “No Mercy” is a hard-hitting anthem that will go off in a mosh pit. Play this one out loud.

Stream “No Mercy” below:

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Photo Credit: Natalia Cooper