chase plato — SET YOU FREE

Emerging artist chase plato unleashes new single “SET YOU FREE”

In less than year, rapper, vocalist and director chase plato has already established himself as one of the most intriguing new acts with his unique fusion of hip-hop, indie rock, hyper-pop, and electronic music as well as highly creative graphics.

Following the success of his singles “RIP KOBE”, “ICE CREAM MAN” and “STRANGER THAN FICTION” chase plato has unleashed his new single “SET YOU FREE”, his most boisterous offering to date. With a visually striking co-directed by his Victor Grisson, “SET YOU FREE” is a brilliant self-produced hip-hop song that combines emo music from the Midwest.

“SET YOU FREE” highlights my nuanced experience growing up in not only Detroit but the midwest. This song bridges the gap between what a typical Detroit rapper is & a midwest emo band. I am a black kid playing the guitar and that is something special that we need to hold on to.“Chase Plato.

Stream “SET YOU FREE” below:

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