Zoë Ferguson — Calories

Portland-based artist Zoë Ferguson releases empowering new single “Calories”

After posting a short acoustic clip of her performing “Calories” last year on TikTok, 21 year-old Portland-based artist/influencer Zoë Ferguson has finally released the empowering single on all DSP’s, and it’s brilliant. Built over a compelling production, “Calories” is an emotionally-driven track that will leave some listeners in tears— its subject may hit home for some. She truly showcases her amazing songwriting, and delivers a powerful vocal performance which instantly draws you in.

I wrote, “Calories”, about two years ago, when I was really having a hard time with an eating disorder. I needed an outlet for how I was feeling, so I sat down and started writing. This song is very personal to me because it is a very sensitive subject and it’s about my biggest life struggle. I think it’s the right time to release it, because I’ve done a lot of healing between now and then and I think I am finally ready to share this part of my life with the world. I say a lot of things about mental health/body image in this song that I think many people are too scared to say out loud. It definitely hits home for anyone who has ever struggled with body image, and I hope it helps people relate and feel less alone.” — Zoë Ferguson.

Stream “Calories” below:

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