FIG — The Goo

NYC-based Malaysian indie R&B artist FIG shares new single “The Goo”

An artist known for seeking self-expression with a DIY attitude, indie pop/R&B sensation FIG turns everyday activities and emotions into infectious melodies and heartfelt ballads. Today, she’s released her stunning new single, “The Goo”— the track is about a skeptic of love trying to embrace the uncertainties of unexpectedly falling in love for the first time.

Crafted with Frankie Scoca, “The Goo” unfolds against a backdrop of poignant lyrics and a gorgeous production. The song takes listeners on an emotional odyssey through uncharted territory, as the protagonist grapples with newfound feelings for someone they admire. At its core, “The Goo” navigates the internal debate of whether one should muster the courage to reveal their true emotions or keep them guarded within.

Stream “The Goo” below:

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