Billy Vicente — alcohol

Billy Vicente unleashes new single “alcohol”

Hailing from Southern California, Billy Vicente has been on my radar since he released his EP 38 back in August 2023. The standout track, “Evergreen”, remains a fixture in my playlist, thanks to its high-energy fusion of shoegaze, grunge, and elements of nu metal. The seamless blend of these genres showcases Vicente’s musical versatility and has left a lasting impression on me.

When I first stumbled upon Vicente’s music, he was flying under the radar with less than 2k followers on TikTok and fewer than 100 monthly listeners on Spotify. As we know, numbers don’t always reflect talent, but observing Vicente’s dedication and talent come together, leading to a viral breakthrough, has been truly remarkable. The rapid growth of his fanbase isn’t just about metrics; it signifies a genuine connection forged through both his TikTok content and music.

Today, he’s unleashed his new single “alcohol” — the track has a heavier shoegaze and grunge sound reminiscent of Deftones. He also showcases his stellar guitar playing, songwriting and production skills. It’s another impressive release that will be in heavy rotation. If I were an A&R at a major record label, I’d sign Billy Vicente in a heartbeat. Just imagine the sonic brilliance he could achieve with the same resources as some of our favourite artists. Tap in, this guy is the truth.

Stream “alcohol” below:

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