Lauren Dejey — Till I Wilt

Rising South London alt-pop artist Lauren Dejey returns with new single “Till I Wilt”

Last year, rising South London alt-pop artist Lauren Dejey made waves with a string of impressive releases like “I’m Not Ready”, “Solar”, and “Permanent”. These singles all led up to the release of her debut EP To Sow by Scattering towards the end of the year. Today, she kicks off the new year with a bang, presenting her new single, “Till I Wilt” released via APOLLO Distribution— a captivating track that sets the tone for the new year.

Built over a stunning production by spacemen that seamlessly complements Dejey’s vocals, the track explores the similarities between humans and mother nature— we also face the vulnerability of withering away when devoid of care and connection with others. Overall, Lauren Dejey has delivered a catchy track that listeners will be able to resonate with, and cements her position as one of the UK’s most promising artists.

“Giving every drop of energy away to someone. You’d do anything to help them grow and thrive while your colours slowly fade. Like a gentle flower wilting on someone’s shelf, only needing a touch of love and care to come back to full bloom.” — Lauren Dejey.

Stream “Till I Wilt” below:

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Photo Credit: MOJA

Fresh Sounds 16/02/2024]