YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB kicks off new era with stunning new indie pop single “Won’t Come Back”

London-based French-Cameroonian indie pop artist and producer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB is marking the beginning of a new era with new single “Won’t Come Back”.

“2023 was a great year for me, not just professionally but also personally. I learnt a lot about myself, as well as a couple valuable lessons, with one of them being that in order to find happiness I need to live the life that I want to live; not the life I think I should live, not the life others might want me to live. I need to be myself at all times. So I’ve learned to take my music career seriously and not to diminish myself in a social setting just because my job is a bit unorthodox, and I learnt to believe in myself and my music. And it worked: I received so many blessings this past year. This song is about my journey. About breaking free from a certain way of thinking that’s instilled in us from a young age and the solitude that can result from it, but also about the fulfilment and happiness being the master of our own destiny provides us.”YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB.

Overall, “Won’t Come Back” is a genre-bending gem that seamlessly combines indie, pop and country influences. With a voice that exudes both confidence and emotional depth, this track serves as a captivating sneak peek into her forthcoming EP.

Stream “Won’t Come Back” below:


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