5etra — We Belong

Amsterdam-based Slovakian artist 5etra releases haunting new single “We Belong”

Hailing from Šamorin, Slovakia, and currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, singer-songwriter Petra Firbasova, also known as 5etra, presents her aspirations of international stardom through her latest single, “We Belong”. Teaming up with producer Joe Hike, the hauntingly beautiful track explores the fundamental question of belonging while challenging societal norms.

“We Belong” not only showcases her vocal prowess, but also her poignant lyrics which advocates for the celebration of diversity and self-expression. She expertly creates a melancholic soundscape, resulting in a captivating song with empowering undertones. It’s truly refreshing to hear an emerging artist addressing meaningful themes in their music.

Stream “We Belong” below:

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