Badliana Unveils New Single “Other Side”

Bristol-based singer-songwriter Badliana unveils new single “Other Side”.

There’s no doubt Bristol-based singer-songwriter Badliana is one of the most slept on up and coming artists around, she has spent her musical career cultivating her sound and paving the way for her career to take flight. Although she hasn’t gained any significant traction yet, her dark and hauntingly beautiful sound which combines multiple genres such as hip-hop, trap and electronic music with elements of soul and R&B, is as captivating as the likes of Zeina, Janine, BANKS and many more talented female artists who are known for their “dark” sound. Her latest offering “Other Side” is her best release to date— it’s laced with stunning vocal melodies throughout, you can hear the pain in her voice as she pours her heart out singing about an unfaithful ex, who she’s struggling to replace. Emotional battles, heartbreak and unrestricted resentment is a familiar theme within Badliana’s music, and with producer Mussi’s compelling production, she’s developed her own unique sound that’s unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Stream “Other Side” below:

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Photo Credit: Silent Media

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