Mysterious Act Syndel Unveils New Single “Mirage”

Mysterious Italian singer-songwriter Syndel unveils new single “Mirage”.

Born in Rome, Italy, Syndel is a singer, songwriter and composer who has been singing and acting since she was young. What makes the Italian newcomer so intriguing is the fact that she’s also a computer scientist. Balancing a cool but demanding job with a music career can be challenging, but Syndel still manages to craft some of the most mesmeric dark pop songs you’ll hear today. Her latest offering “Mirage” is a captivating track which seamlessly combines multiple genres such as electronic, trip-hop and dark pop. However, the real winner here is her breathtaking vocal performance which truly shines and instantly draws you in to an alternate world, a haunting but beautiful world. If you’re into the likes of some of our other favourites Sevdaliza, Tsar B and Madanii, then you’re going to love Syndel.

Stream “Mirage” below:

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