Isai Morales Shares New Single “Notepreocupes”

Dayton, Ohio native Isai Morales shares new single “Notepreocupes”, an intimate letter of reassurance to a significant figure in his life.

We’ve seen artists such as Darci start their music career by wearing a mask, and last year with RMR’s signature balaclava. For some, like Darci, they reveal their identity in the end and for others they don’t for personal reasons. Isai Morales wears a Rey Mysterio style mask, which looks aesthetically cool, and it instantly grabs your attention— a win. Although he’s a Dayton, Ohio native, he’s musically influenced by his roots in Panama and Mexico. His single “Notepreocupes”, taken from his El Lokote project, is an infectiously catchy song which detail his intention to always be around and take care of someone he loves and cares of. Beautiful. Built over a summery production with glistening synths that create a delicate backdrop which allows him to deliver a hypnotic vocal performance, Isai Morales has dropped an impressive heart-warming song just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Notepreocupes’ was inspired by a time when the girl I was seeing felt as if she didn’t want to live anymore. So I decided to make an effort to make her day be as beautiful as it could be, because I know all too well how it feels to be in that position. ‘Notepreocupes’ translates to Don’t Worry in english, and I wanted her to know that she never has to worry about anything when she’s in my company. The song means a lot to me because it’s based on real events. And even though me and the girl aren’t as close anymore, she’s still alive and thriving.’ — Isai Morales.

Stream “Notepreocupes” below:

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