ALI3NHEAD Releases Futuristic EP “N3O-TOKYO”

After spending the past few months locked up in a studio recording new music, London-based artist ALI3NHEAD has unveiled his brand new EP N3O-TOKYO, the follow up to last years debut A3, once again produced by his longtime collaborator MG.

The EP kicks off with the impressive title track which switches into a thumping banger after a slow-moving start. Throughout the EP, the enigmatic rapper rides the well-polished murky beats with confidence, showcasing his versatility with an atmospheric take on melodic rap, sounding like a man whose hungry for success sooner rather than later.

He’s at his best on the standout track “Drama”, a potential fan favourite that oozes brilliance from start to finish. “Alchemist” is a moshpit-ready banger, but lacking the same intensity as his underground anthem “Fragrance”. What separates ALI3NHEAD from many artists within the alternative rap scene is the afrocentric spiritual undertones in some of his music despite being portrayed as a “dark” artist.

N3O-TOKYO is evident that ALI3NHEAD is not only an artist with a bright future, but also one with a vision and fearless enough to tackle any genre. Listen to the EP below.

Watch the visuals for “Alchemist” below:

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