10 Artists With Under 10,000 Monthly Listeners On Spotify You Need To Listen To

Below are 10 artists with under 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify we think you need to listen to

When I fell in love with music or the idea of working in the music industry, the world cared more about an artists or bands talent rather than their streaming numbers or social media following. Things have changed in the past decade— A&R’s are more interested in an artist if they have a buzz or a lot of streams/views. If you’re a passionate music lover like myself, you know damn well streaming numbers doesn’t define talent. It’s got to a point where some upcoming artists have even gone out of their way to pay to be added on botted playlists on Spotify just to attract an A&R’s attention. So don’t believe everything you see because a lot of artists with thousands of streams may struggle to sell out a 100 capacity venue— I’ve seen it happen before.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 artists with under 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify that you need to listen to. All of these artists have something in common— they’re all talented.


I have no idea where Ocin is from but I discovered his music a few days ago, and I’ve become hooked ever since. He reminds me of Trevor Daniel and Marco Luka. This kids got a lot of potential, check him out.


Fell in love with BXB LOVE’s music last month after hearing “Losers”— her music effortlessly combines pop with elements of indie and rock music. An underrated rising star with so much potential.

Finn Harry

Finn Harry is amazing— he sounds like a soulful rock version of Frank Ocean.


She looks like a rock star with all those cool tattoos and gothic look, but Ronavella’s alluring vocals often float beautifully over trap-infused productions making her one of the best emerging dark R&B acts around.


The underrated RUBII is another emerging British act blessed with a breathtaking vocal ability.


If you’re into electronic-centred music with soulful vocals, then BEMATA is an artist you need to listen to.


When I first met tmdistant he was a rapper, but I always knew deep down he was a singer at heart. In the past year we’ve been developing this unique sound— a combination of anti-pop, indie and electronic music with some elements of cloud rap.

Vic August

Australian emerging artist Vic August has been very quiet for a long time, so I hope he’s okay! There’s no way I wasn’t including him on this list. Please come back Vic, we miss you.

Laurel Smith

If she had all the support and a major record label push, Laurel Smith would be as big as Billie Eilish. That’s just how good she is.

Mehki Raine

You’ve probably heard Mehki Raine’s voice a dozen times, but I won’t tell you where. The North London-based artist is criminally slept on.

Featured Image: BXB LOVE

Photo Credit: Sandy Marisol

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