Brooklyn-based artist Zoe Hines releases two new singles “TEEN WOLF” and “BLOOD MOON”

Zoe Hines has made a significant improvement as an artist since she dropped “Paris”. Although her music is much better than many artists out there that create similar sounds, this industry is sadly about numbers, and that’s where platforms such as ourselves who believe in her, come in and support her music.

Her latest offering consisting of two new singles “TEEN WOLF” and “BLOOD MOON”, packaged together as The Night Before Seasonal Depression is best release to date. Both tracks are built over stunning beats, while “TEEN WOLF” has a more pop-oriented sound, while “BLOOD MOON” has a darker tone and a trap-infused sound. Hines vocals and melodies are infectiously catchy on both tracks, especially on “TEEN WOLF”. In the spirit of Halloween, she has also shared a spooky two part music video shot and edited by Julian Watanabe-Neis to coincide with the releases.

“‘The Night Before Seasonal Depression’ consists of two tracks ‘TEEN WOLF’ and ‘BLOOD MOON.’ When I was in high school, the MTV show Teen Wolf was one of my favorite shows to watch and I came up with the idea to relate my growth within myself and music to some of my favorite characters in the show. The two songs represent the good and evil within yourself and what those two feelings do when one overpowers the other” — Zoe Hines.

Stream “TEEN WOLF” / “BLOOD MOON” below:

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