Yeloboi Tommy — Trust Issues

Sydney-based newcomer Yeloboi Tommy shares new single “Trust Issues”

Newcomer Yeloboi Tommy is already becoming one of Australia’s most exciting hip-hop artists despite making his debut in mid 2021. His latest single “Trust Issues” showcases his fusion of melodic vocals and pop prowess. Although it’s infectiously catchy throughout, lyrically Tommy touches on a topic that will resonate with most listeners out there— his experience of being around dishonest people and how it has affected him mentally.

With a sound that has a broad appeal, and having one foot in his native Hong Kong and the other in the outer suburbs of Sydney, Yeloboi Tommy has all the right ingredients to be an international success if he continues dropping captivating hits like “Trust Issues”.

“Trust Issues represents my point of view of people being dishonest all the time with everyone else, especially with their own selves and my feelings towards the issues I have had with people in the past”Yeloboi Tommy.

Stream “Trust Issues” below:

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