YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB releases emotional folk-infused new single “In Our Veins

As we approach the festive season, a time for reflection and family gatherings, London-based French-Cameroonian indie artist and producer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB invites us on a personal odyssey. Her latest single, “In Our Veins”, unfolds a poignant narrative, a homage to the indomitable spirit of her mother. The track, enriched with a blend of folk, indie, and pop influences, gently cradles its audience in a melodic cocoon, cultivating an ambiance of delicate vulnerability. Through eloquent lyricism, she artfully chronicles her mother’s resilience— painting a vivid portrait of triumph over life’s adversities.

“My family situation is a bit complicated, and it’s something I always write about. But with such a touchy subject it’s never easy picking the right words and tone. This song isn’t the full picture, but it’s a good start. With this one I really wanted to pay tribute to my mom, the hardships she goes through and how she always makes it to the other side. She’s my biggest inspiration and my favourite human on Earth, and I wanted the song to reflect her strength and determination, both lyrically and sonically.” — YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB.

Stream “In Our Veins” below:


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