Brimheim x eee gee — Brand New Woman

Danish-Faroese alt-pop artist Brimheim and eee gee release visuals for “Brand New Woman”

Taken from her forthcoming sophomore effort RATKING, which is set to be released on 22nd March 2024, Danish-Faroese alt-pop artist Brimheim has released the visuals for her current single “Brand New Woman” — the music video draws inspiration from the iconic ‘cool girl’ monologue from David Fincher’s film Gone Girl.

Laced with gorgeous melodies throughout, and relatable lyrics, listeners are taken on a journey of fantasy, breaking away from confining gender roles. The song explores the desire to let one’s inner self break free, allowing the untamed spirit to triumph over the constraints of a stifling, normative existence.

“The song addresses the pressure of trying to live up to the myth of the perfect woman — a devoted and obedient dog who never complains. Tail wagging for attention. Unfortunately, I’ve been that woman in past relationships. Society’s expectations of women have definitely shaped that ideal, but ultimately I have only myself to blame. It is a violence I’ve inflicted on myself when I valued comfort over authenticity.”Brimheim.

Stream “Brand New Woman” below:

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