YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB shares empowering new single “Birds in the Cage” accompanied by music video

The release of “Birds in the Cage” follows YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB’s release of three previous singles (“Young”, “NIGHTRIDE” and “Southside”) throughout 2021, inspired by her experiences, and written to encourage and empower others.

Her latest offering is an empowering acoustic song with sprinkles of folk and pop that is open to interpretation. With a stripped back production to just an acoustic guitar and claps, the simple vocal harmonies are enchanting and also add greater emphasis to the power of her words. The music video shot by Sam Collier follows two teenage boys from a council estate in London, who go on an adventure and step outside of their comfort zone to reveal their true selves. 

“To be completely honest, the song doesn’t have a set meaning. I took my time to write it and was inspired by different situations, and I think that’s why the song is open to interpretation. My interpretation of it would be that you can’t put people in boxes and expect them to stay in them, let alone be happy in them. I hope that listeners can hear something similar” — YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB.

Stream “Birds in the Cage” below:


Photo Credit: @daotraang

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