LEEPA — how to live

Emerging German artist LEEPA shares new single “how to live”

Rising German pop artist LEEPA makes her DNü debut in style with the stunning “how to live”, an anthem written for everyone slowly coming back to life— re-learning how to live. It’s catchy, it’s energetic thanks to its electric guitar-infused production, and its filled with relatable lyrics.

After generating a buzz on TikTok with her viral hit “switch places”, LEEPA has already been nominated for the biggest national newcomer radio award in her come country, and now she’s starting to make her first international steps. She’ll be an artist we’ll be watching closely from now on. Add this gem to your playlists.

“For the past year life has kind of started to flash by me and even though I am starring in this crazy movie that is my life. It also sometimes felt like I was just watching from the sidelines. There were a few instances from being on stage for the “new music award” to simply just dancing with my friends that kind of ignited something in me again and made me realize that I forgot how to live” — LEEPA.

Stream “how to live” below:

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