WHATEVER WE ARE Release Eclectic New Single “HEAVEN”

When you listen to four-piece band WHATEVER WE ARE you’ll understand why they’re one of the most exciting emerging acts around. Their new single “HEAVEN” is a breath of fresh air if you’re looking to hear something unique, energetic and original. The group consisting of 3 boys (Ian, Joey and Trippz) and 1 girl (Gabrielle) were all focused on pursuing their solo careers before realising the material they were recording together was so powerful.

“HEAVEN” is an eclectic banger full of energy, relatable lyrics and an instant appeal to both the mainstream and underground audience. It’s also refreshing to know that the group is a true democracy with each artist contributing equally to the songs they record. Now, close your eyes, listen to the single and imagine hearing it live.

Listen to “HEAVEN” below:

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