Unique And Gripping, KUČKA’s Debut Album ‘Wrestling’

Perth-raised, Los Angeles-based singer KUČKA releases a soulful, electronic, philosophical set of stories.

Her…… I’m speechless.

Her voice is incredible, and artists who produce their own music always know how to make what’s special about their vocals really pop. She does just that, magnifying an intensity she portrays on each and every track. The production is laced with dance driven tempos, moody echos, and shimmering electronic instruments that rise and fall with her stunning voice.

One of my favourite songs was “Afterparty”. I love the tempo of the production, I love the lyrics that propose this hypothetical interaction driven by sexy lyrics of the moon, of undressing and diving into the pool, of finding someone like you. The opening track and title track “Wrestling” also drew me in immediately, and I felt this rush to hear what would come next. It speaks of our human condition, that of the struggle (or wrestle). to understand what you mean in this world, what you believe in. After only a minute and 45 seconds, I was already texting the boss saying this review was mine.

She stands out because she is doing her, undeniably. Wrestling is a record about young adulthood, coming out, and finding your soulmate. She has collaborated with artists such as A$AP Rocky, SOPHIE, Flume, Kendrick Lamar, Fetty Wap, and Vince Staples, it is no surprise her sound carries the unique and explosive tone of a star.

KUČKA has this to say about Wrestling:

“It feels liberating. I could write about anything on my mind without worrying about, ‘Oh, is it too personal? Are people going to get it?’ With an album, you can delve into topics that are less obvious, but it’ll make sense once you wrap it all up. It’s such an art to write that type of stuff, and I just don’t think I’m very good at it. I’d go into these sessions and I’d really try, but I wasn’t having much fun. People now understand the world I live in as an artist”.

Listen to the GORGEOUS DISPLAY OF ART, Wrestling, below:

Watch the music video for “Eternity” below:

“No Good For Me”

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Photo Credit: Dillon Howl

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