Underrated: 92

Although SoundCloud isn’t as popular as it used to be, it is still the best platform to discover unsigned and emerging artists for many people. In the past few years we’ve discovered artists such as Post Malone, Tory Lanez, 6LACK, THEY., SAINt JHN, A.CHAL, Elley Duhé, Haley Smalls and more. There’s an emerging act we’re all excited about, Persian/Canadian and Los Angeles-based artist 92 has somehow gone under the radar despite releasing 6 breathtaking singles this year that showcases his enormous potential.

Below are his top 5 songs:

“Cocaine Stains”

With its alluring vocal performance and infectious melodies throughout, “Cocaine Stains” is 92’s standout release thus far. It’s both haunting and beautiful, and also one of the best songs we’ve heard this year. Let’s hope there’s an epic music video for it in the near future.

Smoke & Mirrors

“Smoke & Mirrors” is another beautiful track that features 92’s captivating falsetto vocals that will give some listeners Teflon Sega-vibes. The chorus is memorable, and the production is captivating.

“Green Light”

92 proves he isn’t a one trick pony as he showcases his versatility on this banger. This is a potential hit single. Add this to your playlists.

“She Bad”

Showcasing his versatility once again, 92 hops on a more Hip-Hop-driven production and makes it look so easy. Press play.


Although “Sideways” is short, it’s another banger that would be met with open arms in a club setting, or even a bedroom setting. Personally, I’d play this out loud in my car with the windows down just so people know I have great taste in music. Sorry not sorry.

With the right team and major record label behind 92, he has the potential to become a global superstar thanks to his amazing talent obviously and also his roots. He’s already building a fan base in North America and Europe, and with his Middle Eastern background, you already know how well he’d be supported around that region. If everything goes to plan, 2020 should be the beginning of something special for 92.

FFO: The Weeknd, Teflon Sega, Shaker, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Drake and Always Never.

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