FUSHIA Drop Impressive New Single “In the a:m”

FUSHIA is the rising Copenhagen-born twin sisters Mathilde and Nathalie Nygaard, they grew up spending most of their time singing, playing classical violin and piano, which has been influential in their sound today. The duo finally found their alluring dreamy pop sound when they gradually moved into the electronic music scene.

Their new single “In the a:m” revolves around a modern love story, the song describes the melancholy after having had the night of your life, and captures that feeling of insecurity and alienation when transitioning from night to day and going back to normal. It’s a personal song with hauntingly beautiful vocals throughout built over a captivating production. A simply outstanding track with plenty of replay value and an almost cinematic vibe with its storytelling lyricism. The future is bright for FUSHIA.

Listen to “In the a:m” below:

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