Top 100 Songs of 2020: 10 – 6

These are our favourite songs of 2020 — 10 down to 6.

We’re finally down to the final 10 songs— below are 5 outstanding songs that we all loved and had on repeat throughout 2020, well, except Aries’ captivating hit single “FOOL’S GOLD”, which is still fairly new. As you may be aware, our taste in music differs from other blogs out there, we prefer featuring unsigned and emerging acts who create alternative/dark music within the genres of R&B, Pop, Rap and Electronic music. We don’t look at an artists or bands social numbers or the amount of streams their songs have achieved— what matters the most (and should always do), is the quality of the song and its impact on us.

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10: Gerald Wicks — love, lost

There’s literally no information online about Gerald Wicks, however he released one of our favourite songs this year. “love, lost” is an atmospheric alternative R&B track featuring a breathtaking vocal performance by Wicks— a perfect fit for the captivating production. Let’s hope he releases more music in 2021.


London-based emerging rapper HEN$HAW solidified his status as one of the most technically skilled MC’s around with the bouncy single “McCARTNEY”. Infusing alternative rap with sprinkles of Grime, the 19 year-old delivered one of the best lyrical rap songs with replay value.

8: RUBII — Komorebi

20 year-old singer-songwriter RUBII hails from Brighton, UK. Her song “Komorebi” is one of the most refreshing songs we’ve heard in a long time. Combining multiple genres such as lofi, hip-hop and elements of jazz, RUBII showcases her immense potential on the outstanding “Komorebi”. She’s definitely an artist to watch in 2021.

7: FRVRFRIDAY — 100 Rounds

After a slow 2019 where he only released one official single, emerging Canadian artist FRVRFRIDAY absolutely smashed it this year with stellar releases such as the catchy “100 Rounds” — a song that will definitely go off once the clubs are open again. In a genre where many use autotune, no one uses it quite as perfect as FRVRFRIDAY.

6: Aries — FOOL’S GOLD

After watching Aries kill it at his sold out show in London back in January, the fast rising artist went quiet for most of the year. In early November, he made a triumphant return with the spectacular and arguably his best song to date “FOOL’S GOLD”. If this was released earlier in the year, it would’ve been a top 5 contender.

Featured Image: Aries

RÊVERIE — one heart