YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB Seizes The Moment On New Single “All We Have”

YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB seizes the moment on new single “All We Have” — a collaboration with HEN$HAW and tmdistant.

London-based French singer, songwriter, producer and mix engineer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB ends 2020 on a high with stunning new single “All We Have”. The song itself is laced with soulful R&B-infused vocals and melodies built over a captivating UK garage production. Rising rap artist HEN$HAW assists with a sweet 16 and singer-rapper tmdistant provides background vocals throughout to create a vibrant vibe. “All We Have” is a song about the moment — a sort of hymn to the now and not looking back or forward but instead focusing on the moment you have now.

“I wrote and produced it during the pandemic because as everyone else I’ve found it really hard and stressful to not be able to project myself into the future as much as I used to, and just kept on reminiscing about the past and what we used to have. The message of this song was something I needed to remind myself: that everything in life is fleeting so the best I can do is just live in the moment and enjoy it as much as possible” — YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB

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Photo Credit: Sorin D

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