Top 100 Songs of 2018 [1]

It was hard to pick the DiscoverNü number 1 song of 2018 as any of the top 5 songs on our list could’ve easily claimed that spot. But there was 1 song that stood out the most. A compelling record that has gone under the radar. Glorynade’s “Better” is a beautifully-sung track that brought all types of emotions out of us. The song has a universal appeal and can be interpreted in different ways. Also, her vocals are consistently strong throughout as she proves she’s one of the best up and coming artists in the UK.

What also makes “Better” so special to us is the fact that it’s sang by a UK R&B artist. The genre has often been overlooked, at times it feels like an artist within the genre has to breakthrough the American market first before gaining some sort of exposure over here in the UK. Many people have addressed this issue on social media, but still somehow turn a blind eye when a talented artist is presented in front of them. In October, we witnessed viral stars get signed to major record labels while artists such as Glorynade struggle to get noticed. Unfortunately.

Glorynade on “Better”:

“Coming to the point of realisation that you are deserving of great things after picking up the wrong baggage along the way but it comes to a point that you to snap out of that mentality and wake up! Being your own person and making decisions that in general make you feel fulfilled with no regrets, whether it be in your own situation, supposed friendship circles or even in a relationship with a partner that you have over accommodated within your life for too long.”.

Congratulations to Glorynade — follow her socials below:



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