Top 10 Videos of 2018

Reo Cragun’s “On My Way” claimed the top spot last year on our old blog. For 2018, most artists took their music video game to another level, which made our selection a little harder. However, we somehow managed to compile a strong list of our favourite videos this year:

10: Alice Chater — Wonderland (My Name Is Alice)

Some spooky stuff and a great choreography.

9: Jaira Burns — Sugarcoat

A captivating music video by a rising star. Just look at how amazing her hair is.

8: Always Never — Wylin’

A thriller by the mysterious Canadian duo. Do not skip this one.

7: Zachary Aghaizu — Sweet And Sour

Zachary Aghaizu wrote, co-produced and engineered “Sweet And Sour”, AND he also created this amazing animated music video. Pure talent.

6: Santino Le Saint — Maria Don’t Call Me

Clever little video by the London based artist. Another video you shouldn’t skip.

5: Chemical Ghost — Amends

Sometimes the most simple music videos standout the most. This is a perfect example.

4: ALI3NHEAD — Crystal Lake

The visual effects on this are on another level. Amazing.

3: GASHI — 1134

A very deep self-reflective music video. And those baby goats are cute right?

2: Tsar B — Rattlesnake

The music video for “Rattlesnake” is outstanding and at times spine-chilling. A must watch.

1: Naomi Wild — Howlin’

The excellent choreography in the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Naomi Wild’s music video steals the show. It’s an engaging watch from start to finish, and the song itself has a lot of replay value. We’re patiently waiting to hear and see more from the talented Los Angeles based artist. Bright future ahead for sure.