KCT Releases “London Is Falling” Video

Newcomer KCT Releases “London Is Falling” music video.

Sometimes Instagram sponsored posts can be annoying, showing content that does not interest you at all. However, in some cases these sponsored posts often show us hidden gems that we may have missed. “London Is Falling” came up on our Instagram timeline and we immediately fell in love with it. There’s a James Bond vibe throughout the record as KCT compares the current pandemic and London’s early curfews for bars and closure of some legendary venues to that of a post-apocalyptic city. Built over a magnificent production, the young Londoner delivers a passionate vocal performance on a truly stunning piece of music, accompanied by a visually striking music video.

“If you’d ask me at any other time I’d tell you that London is always buzzing. However, recently, due to everything going on, it just doesn’t feel the same. It almost feels post apocalyptic. I wasn’t able to describe it with just words so I made this”KCT.

Stream “London Is Falling” below:

Watch the music video below:

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