tmdistant — you always surprise me

tmdistant reveals genre-blending new single “you always surprise me”

19-year-old Essex, UK-based emerging artist tmdistant continues his fine form in 2022 with his genre-blending new single “you always surprise me”. Built over an electronic-centred production by New York-based producer Abare with elements of indie, breakbeat and hyperpop, the track details a few recent events in which people have behaved in ways he would never have anticipated. In a way, the song serves as an example of how we construct an idealised image of someone that isn’t actually true.

Accompanied by a striking music video shot by Sorin D. Visuals around the South Bank area in London, is a continuation from previous videos he’s released this year. Overall, tmdistant effortlessly showcases his talent and versatility, as well as his distinctive melodic flow which brilliantly sits somewhere between singing and rapping. Having garnered support from outlets such as Afropunk, Mixtape Madness, EARMILK and more, tmdistant is building a reputation as one of the most exciting up-and-coming genre-blending acts around.

“Its also about myself in a way and all of us because we all see ourselves in a way that the rest of the world doesnt. You always surprise me when, you say that you will not be alone’, was a line that really impacted me because in the end we are all alone, youre born alone and you die alone. You can take what you want from that. Everything I write can be interpreted from multiple view points, the meaning changes when, how you listen to it.”tmdistant.

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