Shriya — strangers on saturn

14 year-old singer-songwriter Shriya releases outstanding debut single “strangers on saturn”

A few months ago we discovered Self Love, a 14-year-old artist from Florida who blew us away with his debut single “Playing My Heart”. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Shriya, another amazing 14-year-old artist hailing from Boston, Massachusetts. Influenced by Lorde, Billie Eilish, and Melanie Martinez, the singer-songwriter and producer has been creating and putting out music since she was 12-years-old. Her debut single “strangers on saturn” runs just over 3:30 minutes, a trait that is more rare in music nowadays, when listeners’ attention spans are so short, and pop songs tend to be under three minutes long.

Shriya delivers a crystal clear, pitch perfect and breathtaking vocal performance as she sings about walking away from love. She sings like a seasoned vet— however not only is her voice is amazing, the well-polished production also makes “strangers in saturn” an audio experience that merits active listening. Her honest and poetic lyrics are influenced by her own life experiences and observations of the world around her. If she’s this amazing at 14, imagine how great she’ll be in a few years time.

“I wanted this song to capture the idea that sometimes it’s easier to walk away from love than face it…like there’s a safety in being alone where nothing can hurt you. It’s a feeling I think lots of people can relate to in their life.”Shriya.

Stream “strangers on saturn” below:

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