Tm & Remy — WACK!

Teenage alt-rap duo Tm & Remy return with explosive new single “WACK!”

Comprising of tmdistant and Remy Saint, alt-rap duo Tm & Remy have made a triumphant return with explosive new single “WACK!” accompanied by a music video shot by Sorin D Visuals. Although they only released two singles in early 2021 (“Leaders” and “Restless Night”), the dynamic duo spent the rest of last year refining their sound and working with producers from all around the world. They tested out unreleased material during their live gigs, and one song kept on getting the most attention.

The drill-infused “WACK!” has been a fan favourite for the past few months, so it was only right for Tm & Remy to kick off 2022 with their most anticipated release to date. Produced by frequent collaborator and friend 6sezen, the hard-hitting track sees the duo exude confidence as they call out their haters and doubters. It’s a strong start to the year by two young artists who have made significant progress in the past three years.

We made “WACK!” as a testimony to our confidence and cocky energy as this song is all about us being in the spotlight while we view others as ”wack”. Telling the audience that we believe that we are the best at what we do and that no one else is better. A bit of an ego boost but our fans can take inspiration from this and be inspired to feel the same way about themselves and with their creative work. We love our hard hitting instrumentals so obviously we got our boy Sezen to jump on the production and he destroyed it” — Remy Saint.

Stream “WACK!” below:

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