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These Are Our Favourite Songs Of The Year So Far…

We thought we’d share a list of our favourite songs so far this year. It’s been an incredible year with countless of outstanding releases by artists and bands from all the genres we cover. This list is due to change in six months time as we’re expecting more exceptional singles to be released.

DeathbyRomy — Diamond Tears


Always Never — It’s Over

Lexie Liu x KILLY — Outta Time

Eryn Martin — Ball

Santino Le Saint — Feel Like Drugs

Talitha — Touch

Melodi — This Bed

Zaia — BLUE

Amita — Too Sensitive

Dani Le Rose — Shellshock

MTRNICA — Live Or Die

Emotional Oranges — Someone Else

Aries — DEITY

Winona Oak — He Doesn’t Love Me

Carlie Hanson — WYA

BEAUZ x SIIGHTS — Never Gonna Regret U

Sasha Sloan — Thoughts

SAINt JHN x Lil Baby — Trap

Derek Pope — Some Other Way

Miles from Kinshasa — Maybe


Zeina — In My Head

Abare — Lay Down, Pt. 1

The Riversiders — Homesick

Freddie Future — Too Heavy

Lil West — Sometimes


MJ Bodson — Bedroom Tripping

Maria Marie — Bad Boys

Sirenety — Hanging Around II

Mouse — Escape

A. CHAL — 000000

Sofi de la Torre — Estamos Mal

Johan — i don’t do drugs anymore

Featured image: DeathbyRomy

Photography: Casen Ruiz

YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB — We’re all gonna die anyway, (EP)