Ci Majr Returns With New Single “808”

It’s been over a year since Atlanta, Georgia based artist Ci Majr dropped one of the best finds of 2018, “Cuffiin’ SZN” — an outstanding pop single with a captivating production that would’ve probably been a global hit single if she were a bigger artist. Fast forward to 2019, she’s back with a brand new single titled “808”.

Ci Majr has been working on her music, reaching a really good balance of doing the things she needs to do such as work and music. She’s also been travelling around playing in the band of an amazing solo artist and friend named Desmond Myers, and learning so much about performance while also writing and producing her upcoming EP whenever she has time.

“On ‘808’, I wrote the first verse and chorus of this song in college and then just finished it up last year with the second verse. I guess it was just one of those that needed to marinate and I needed the right moment to come across for me to find inspiration. Thankfully that moment came and I finished it up and still hung onto this one for about a year before releasing it which brings us to the present! I love this song because it’s upbeat and summery even though the topic is something that can be frustrating. Falling for someone, not knowing if they’re into you, and wanting more than anything for them to want to spend time with you as much as you want to with them. Hoping this song can bring good vibes to anyone who might need a pick me up but especially people who might be feeling this feeling of just wanting to be loved” — Ci Majr via email.

“808” is another strong release by the eclectic artist. Listen below:

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