Strama — Cycle

London-based Italian-Romanian artist Strama shares new single “Cycle”

Written, recorded and produced in her bedroom in both Holland and London, Italian-Romanian artist Strama returns with new single “Cycle” — a dreamy pop track with a jazz-tinged R&B vibe. Her soulful voice flows beautifully over the gorgeous production as she sings about a subject that most listeners will resonate with.

“I really hope this song can be a cathartic song about heartbreak and breakups. It’s about when you finally understand that you’re ready to eliminate yourself from this toxic situation. When you’ve established your boundaries but the person keeps chasing you in an unhealthy way, they only care about ‘winning you’ rather than what you want and your feelings involved – they want what they can’t have. But if you do give in/want to try things again with someone, their response changes; they don’t want you back or treat you properly, it’s all games, it’s a really messed up cycle”Strama.

Stream “Cycle” below:

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