Smoothboi Ezra Captivates On Debut EP ‘Stuck’

Bleeding poetry, an acoustic dream, a voice that will hold you, Ireland’s very own Smoothboi Ezra releases debut EP Stuck.

Smoothboi Ezra is an important artist. Why? Because they are telling the stories of somebody who is non-binary and on the autism spectrum, giving representation to the love in the lives of those we don’t often see in the limelight. They are moving the needle on what it means to write a love song. The music itself is painfully beautiful, a portrait of youthful angst and heartbreak, poetry for sore ears, broken hearts, and anyone feeling a little left out among the crowd. The music is striking to say the least.

Ezra is a self-taught songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. The 4 track EP Stuck recalls a formative relationship with sensitivity and maturity. The standout song for me is “Palm Of Your Hand”. I’m sitting in my bed almost in tears. It reminds me deeply of my first experiences with love, my first relationships with emotionally manipulative assholes (that I still chased desperately). It’s the vocal delivery of this song that is so gripping, it’s giving the feeling of a knife in your back from your ex you’re still infatuated with, and like somehow enjoying it because that’s how broken and complicated love can be. I’m really moved by this song.

To me, Ezra’s songwriting stands out the most. The simple acoustic melodies, and low harmonies pair beautifully with these powerful and really fucking honest lyrics about the pitfalls of love, mental health, and their struggles with autism.

“My autism makes it hard for me to remember how I feel about people when they’re not right in front of me,” they explain. “I have very little emotional object permanence which makes it hard to feel loved by people but also makes it hard for me to let the people I love know and feel my love for them.” Smoothboi Ezra.

Ezra, I am such a fan. Your flowers exist here at DiscoverNü. You are really fantastic.

Do your sweet soul a favour and stream Smoothboi Ezra here:

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