Annie Elise — We Can Pretend

20 year-old electronic pop artist and producer Annie Elise shares new single “We Can Pretend”

Inspired by her synesthesia and originally a classically trained violinist, 20 year-old electronic pop artist and producer Annie Elise’s interest in electronic music stems from the neurological condition, she even refers to herself as a “conductor for colour”, as she creates music that produces colours she likes to see. Her latest offering “We Can Pretend” is a beautifully written track built over a captivating electronic-centred production she co-produced with Josiah Soren. She delivers a breathtaking and soulful vocal performance which instantly draws you in. Lyrically, the track speaks about a false awakening and wishing that the real world could be just as nice as those that we dream about.

Stream “We Can Pretend” below:

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Photo Credit: Madison

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