Lavaé — PickUpThePhone

19 year-old South African-born LA-based singer-songwriter Lavaé shines on emotionally-charged debut single “PickUpThePhone”

South African-born singer, songwriter and independent artist Lavaé bares her soul on the emotionally-charged debut single “PickUpThePhone”. As a listener you’re instantly drawn in as she sings about her mental breakdown over a gorgeous production. It’s R&B but with a dark twist, inspired by Billie Eilish— the lyrics are brutally honest and will resonate with most listeners out there. The newcomer is set to release her debut EP by the end of the year, and plans to continue tackling her mind, even with topics that her family may see as provoking.

“This song of self-pity mimics a villain’s monologue in a play, when the audience starts to see the villain in a different light. The song deals with mental health, however because of the stigma in African families, nobody in my life is aware or on the other end of the phone to listen. I spend most of the song begging for someone to hear me”Lavaé.

Stream “PickUpThePhone” below:

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