Emotional Oranges Return With New Star-Studded Album ‘The Juicebox’

Coating your summer with R&B Funk, Emotional Oranges returns with new album The Juicebox

If I’m being honest, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to write about the album of such a phenomenal pair of artists. I was a teen listening to “Personal,” a release of theirs from 2019, almost every day. It moved something in me. They just have this way, something orange, something divine and bright, it is music full of life. Now June 2021, they just dropped an album packing a real punch for the summer to come. Featuring artists such as Biig Piig, Channel Tres, Chiiild, Vince Staples, THEY. and more, it is really a treat.

This gorgeous tone coats the entire album, something dripping from the beat and the artists that float over it. This album is something for pool parties, for a drive in the sunset, or the end of a 10 hour day in the sun with friends on your last drink (something with orange of course). The whole album features whispers that add something to each song. The lyrics explore something of the connection among strangers as we step back into the party, this pull to dance, to speak, to touch.

Personally, my favourite track is the opening “All That” featuring Channel Tres. This song just bounces, vocals are beautiful, with sultry echos you can’t ignore ringing in the back. Sun soaked, electronic R&B, the album front to back is worth a listen. Get into the sun and hit play.

Speaking on the release, they say:

“What a year. Just grateful to be healthy and still doing what we love. we appreciate you sticking around and hope these songs bring a little bit of joy to your life this summer. The Juicebox is an homage to our influences; we really tried to capture the emotions of our childhood. thank you to Channel, Yoni, Jess, Becky, Vince, Dante, Drew, Yendry and Kiana for lending their perspectives and voices to the project. and love to everyone behind the scenes who continues to pave the way for these ideas to even be possible. see you soon, world… “

Stream The Juicebox below:

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