Emerging artist Shaker drops 4-track EP REPOSITION ME

Born and raised in Dubai, Egyptian singer, songwriter and producer Shaker has been travelling around the US in search for some inspiration for his music. Currently based in Phoenix, Arizona, the highly rated emerging artist is known for channeling his hurt into smooth dark R&B tracks which have helped him build a cult following. Today, he’s unveiled his new EP REPOSITION ME, which superbly showcases his growth as an artist.

Inspired by his girlfriend, who Shaker credits for making a huge difference in his life, the EP goes from a very dark and miserable place, to a place of happiness and excitement to be alive. It’s more upbeat and positive than his previous releases. The title track “Reposition Me” is a vibrant track with mainstream appeal where he bares his soul and lets his girlfriend guide him out of his pain and position him somewhere better. The standout and closing track “Blackberry Ice” is a sensual song laced with gorgeous melodies throughout and proves Shaker has what it takes to be a star. Overall, REPOSITION ME is a thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting EP with a dash of darkness.

Stream REPOSITION ME below:

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