SAULE — Villains

Montréal-based artist SAULE unveils new single “Villains”

At this point, we might as well relocate to Canada. When it comes to promising artists or even established artists who create captivating music, there’s no country delivering better artists than Canada right now. What makes Montréal-based artist SAULE and producer special is how he effortless combines bedroom pop, and alternative R&B with hip-hop influences. They’re all combined well to create a dark and moody vibe on his new single “Villains”— lyrically a tongue-in-cheek look at how villains are glorified in the media and the idea that you need to be ruthless or evil to succeed. Passionate vocals and a compelling production, “Villains” is a solid offering by an artist who deserves all our attention.

Stream “Villains” below:

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