Ronavella — Gemini SZN

London-based alt-R&B artist Ronavella drops new single “Gemini SZN”

There’s a plethora of underrated emerging artists who create some of the best music out today roaming around London, while mainstream radio or editorial playlists bombard us with samey songs we’re tired of. London-based alt-R&B Ronavella’s music sounds like it’s straight out of Toronto. Combining her dark visually striking look with her breathtaking vocals and moody production, she’s becoming one of the prominent dark R&B artists pushing the sound forward. Some say Gemini’s can be two faced or confusing, on her latest offering “Gemini SZN”, Ronavella effortlessly showcases two sides of her vocal abilities over a captivating trap-infused production to create a late night vibe which details the mind of a Gemini and social anxiety. The accompanying music video is a must see.

Stream “Gemini SZN” below:

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Photo Credit: Jordan Noon

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