SAULE Shares New Single “What You Wanna Hear”

French-Canadian artist SAULE shares new single “What You Wanna Hear”.

Despite being the second largest country on Earth, Canada’s population is only 37 million with most people living in major cities such as Toronto, Montréal and Calgary. However, every week or so we’re introduced to a new emerging talent from the land that has brought us the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber and even Avril Lavigne. What we haven’t seen more of though, is the emergence of French-Canadian acts. Bedroom pop artist SAULE a DIY artist hailing from Montréal, is known for combining both French and English in his music. His latest offering “What You Wanna Hear” is built over a captivating and hard hitting R&B production with a moody night time vibe which effortlessly matches with the vocal performance. SAULE joins a long list of amazing up and coming artists hailing from Canada, and he’s the first French-Canada act on our radar. Press play.

Stream “What You Wanna Hear” below:

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