HEN$HAW Unveils Politically-Charged New Single “GO YARD”

London-based rapper HEN$HAW unveils politically-charged new single “GO YARD”.

Drawing inspiration from Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols, London-based rapper HEN$HAW offers listeners some thought-provoking lyrical content related to his opinions on the current state of politics in the UK. Growing up in a working class household, the 19 year-old rising star never really felt like anyone in position of power or the government really cared about the working class. 

“Some might call me ignorant for that but it is what it is. Im not a politically-driven artist but whats stopping me from incorporating real shit thats going on in this city and country, and all over the world?”, he says. 

Already making his name as one of the grittiest emerging MCs around, he’s confident, aggressive and raw as ever on the punk-infused “GO YARD”. The recording session for the track was a really spontaneous spare of the moment creation. From hearing the goodbyechase-produced beat to writing and recording to having a complete song within 20 minutes. In that moment he remembered all the different types of music he was exposed to from a young age, which included punk— and that played a huge role in his flow and delivery on the song. Stream and watch the Jack Whitfield-directed music video below:

Stream “GO YARD” below:

Watch the music video below:

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Photo Credit: Inka Czaková

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