A Conversation With Emerging Canadian Artist Eryn Martin

Emerging Canadian artist Eryn Martin talks new single “Middle Class”, favourite UK artists and more.

Brampton, Ontario native Eryn Martin is one of those refreshing new acts you’ll struggle to place in one particular genre. The Canadian rising star has been consistently showcasing her versatility since her debut single “Trip” dropped in 2017. Her alluring vocals often flow effortlessly over dark, downtempo instrumentals which combine indie pop, alternative pop, trap and at times cloud rap. Despite the global pandemic, 2020 has been a great year for the emerging self-taught singer-songwriter who has been captivating a growing audience with impressive releases. She started the year strong, dropping the visuals to the infectious banger “SK8FASTEATASS”, and then releasing genre-bending singles such as “Homie Wonderland”, “America”, “Blonde” and “Namesez” — gaining acclaim and publications from outlets such as Wonderland and DUMMY.

Her new single “Middle Class” is another stunning release which infuses electronic and alternative hip-hop well. Taken from her forthcoming EP, Eryn Martin once again explores other sounds creating an enjoyable song with replay value. As she’s one of our favourite artists around, it was only right to have a conversation with her before she becomes one of the biggest artists in the world. Read our interview below:

Hey Eryn, how are you doing?

High, how are you!

Nice! Just here, breathing oxygen, you know the vibes. In your own words, how would you describe your music to a stranger?

It’s just me! Good production and strong words. You never know what you are going to get with my music because I just like to create based on a vibe. I don’t believe in being put into a specific box so my music reflects that.

Man, I love that about your music. When did you decide to take music seriously?

When labels started approaching me, 2-3 years ago now. It made me wanna get better and better.

Most listeners/fans discovered you when you dropped “Ball” — what’s it been like watching your fan base grow?

Man my fans are crazy cool. I know every artist says that but I actually talk with a lot of them on a daily basis through my DM’s and comments. They have genuine love and wanna see me succeed and that’s really amazing.

You’re a real one, I respect that a lot. I remember discovering “Ball” last year and instantly falling in love with it. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something mesmerising about your voice. Like, how did you develop that breathtaking voice?

Thank you! Yeah honestly practice. I used to suck and wasn’t confident at all which is why I’m super quiet in my earlier songs. I still don’t think I’m amazing but I’ll get there!

Man, even on “SK8FASTEATASS”, the vocal performance is a blessing to my ears. I’m sort of, like addicted to that song. But, I’ve always wanted to know, what inspired you to write that song?

Haha thank you! Yeah SK8FAST was inspired honestly from me and my girl friends. Growing up everyone thought we were all drug addicts and pieces of trash just because we liked smoking weed and experimenting with other drugs. But as soon as everyone wanted to party and wanted to smoke or whatever we were always the people they called.

You’ve been on a mission this year despite the global pandemic. Showcasing your versatility with solid singles such as “Homie Wonderland”, “Blonde”, “America” and “Namesz”. Do you plan on dropping a project anytime soon?

Yep! Project coming early next year, I’m excited for it cause it’s mostly all my newer music I’ve been making.

Lovely stuff. Let’s talk about your new single “Middle Class” — what message are you trying to convey on the song?

It’s about partying really, middle class style though. Not super rich and not super broke but just enough money to fuck up and have a good ass time. You don’t need a lot of money to have fun and I think that’s super important and forgotten about these days.

That’s so true man. Once again, you showcase your versatility as an artist hopping on a more upbeat bouncy production. I can hear this in a club (once COVID-19 bloody leaves us). Talk us through the creative process.

I honestly will sing or write to anything, there’s really no process except for beat selection or chord progression. I just like writing stories and creating different moods and if that means I’m writing to soft indie one day and Brazilian funk the next then I’ll keep doing that.

You gotta drop that Brazilian funk track one day man. We need that. I’m also getting slight UK vibes while listening to this song. Do you listen to any UK artists? If so, which artists?

Yeah I feel like I mostly listen to UK artists. Their language and slang is just so cool to me and you won’t find that anywhere else. SL, M1llionz, Blanco, Stormzy, DAVE, Devlin, Skepta, Big Zuu, Capo Lee, Fredo, just to name a few but there’s really so many more.

Whoa, you’re honestly the best! Awesome taste man. If you could collab with any of those artists, who would it be and why?

I’d collaborate with any of them, it would seriously be an honour.

Praying for a Dave x Eryn Martin track. If you ever do a gig in London, UK, I’ll be there with my squad supporting. Do you plan on doing shows or touring once this pandemic is over?

Thank you, much respect. Yeah I definitely hope to be doing shows once this is all over.

Excellent. It’s been a pleasure chatting to you Eryn, I wish you all the best. Please tell anyone reading this why they should stream your new single “Middle Class”.

It’s a really fun song, if you’re looking for something kind of weird and unusual to show your friends then you’ll definitely would want to check it out.

Stream “Middle Class” below:

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