INTRN Opens Up With New Single “Seams”

LA-based emerging artist INTRN opens up with new single “Seams”, the first single from his upcoming EP New Distractions.

We tend to become fans of almost all of the acts we feature on DNü. LA-based singer-songwriter INTRN has had a strong 2020 despite the global pandemic, becoming one of our favourite acts. Most people would look at an artist’s numbers to define success or progression, and that’s fair. However, for us, we judge the quality of their music and INTRN’s releases continue to get better and better. His latest single “Seams” is a beautifully-written emotional ballad that focuses on the reality of breakups. It’s a fantastic track which perfectly maintains his signature minimalist production style, and hits home for many listeners such as myself. Press play.

Stream “Seams” below:

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Photo Credit: Jonny Villegas

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